Schroeder releases fourth TV commercial: Safe Streets

Buffalo mayoral candidate Mark Schroeder has released his fourth television commercial, titled “Safe Streets,” which features his plan to focus on community policing and increase training for officers.

“Everyone deserves a safe place to live and raise their family. As mayor of Buffalo, I will make sure every street is safe,” said Schroeder in his latest 30-second ad.

One of the points on Schroeder’s four-point Compass Plan for Buffalo, Schroeder’s Safe Streets plan emphasizes community policing models that work toward strengthening the bond between police and residents.  His plan would double the amount of Community Police Officers, the neighborhood liaisons who do everything from working with block clubs to refereeing basketball games for youth.  The plan also includes increased training for police on de-escalating dangerous situations, combating gang violence, and fighting the heroin epidemic.

“Our police will have the best training in the nation under my administration,” said Schroeder.

Schroeder’s other three commercials, “A New Vision for Buffalo,” “Strong Neighborhoods,” and “Inspire” have been airing on broadcast and cable channels for the past three weeks.

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