Safe Streets

Everyone deserves a safe place to live and raise their family. As Mayor of Buffalo, I will make sure every street is safe. Our police union has said officers are starving for training - but they are being IGNORED by City Hall. As Mayor, I will make sure our police have the best training available, helping them to de-escalate dangerous situations, deal with drug addiction and mental illness, and use the appropriate amount of force in detaining suspects.

I will implement nationally-renowned programs with a proven track record of curbing gang violence, getting guns off our streets, and fighting the heroin epidemic.

I will double the number of Community Police Officers in every district to strengthen the bond with residents and build trust in the neighborhoods they serve.

I will equip our officers with non-lethal options, including TASERs, and give officers quarterly firearms training with high-tech simulators that mimic real-life situations.

I will create an open dialogue between residents and our officers so they can work together to fight crime.

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